Life is better when you tumble...

October 30, 01:10 pm

If you are on the 'nova cheerleading team and would like to see pictures from the JMU game, click on the link below.

Login is cheer, and the password is the name of the person who kissed a random guy on the streets of Baltimore. Click Here

Amongst the white caps and crashing waves I wander
Dressed in a black suit, with the black soles of my black shoes enountering the ocean beneath me
Carrying a bag in my left hand, marching through this giant department store
I'm walking towards them, and I don't know why
They stand in front of me, one heading up and one heading down
I don't know which one to make for. Left or right?
My time of descion is coming nearer
What choice should I make?

This poem was written by Zachary Cohen. Inspired by Scott Mutter and one of his works. Escalator. This image has changed my life.

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